December 2005

We do stuff.
It looks to me like they have all the right credentials to work in our environment…

I have been thinking about the current spam solution within the ISP and whether the implementation of SpamAssassin is actually up to much. We have been using SpamAssassin since the dawn of time and I personally think that it is a bit too heavy on resources, as well as not being terribly effective unless it is very well maintained.
There are obviously a mountain of Spam filtering applications out there, but getting an effective app that we can easily incorporate into our environment will be the challenge.

I am going to start to investigate DSPAM.
It looks to me like it can plug into qmail-ldap with not too many problems. It also has some nice features that we could use - one or two off the top of my head are -

A mail address used for customers to forward unidentified spam so that the app can then train itself.
Its built in web front end for management and displaying statistical information. This would definitely help with simplifying spam management.

Here is a Document well worth a read about statistical filtering. I personally like the dig at SA with regard to them not even knowing what a score of 3.72 actually means!

I would like to hear what people think about DSPAM or any other OS spam filtering software that should be considered.

Ok, so this is another one of those days where I have too many browser tabs open, and I don’t feel like bookmarking them all … or deciding which ones not to bookmark, so I’ll just burden everyone with these links.

Firstly, nokia seems to be quite interested in python, and seems to have made python available for the series60, with both an sdk, and a normal installable .sis.

There is also a wiki with quite a bit of info on the topic.

Nokia has provided additional python modules to access series60-specific features, which has allowed other developers to contribute some interesting tools, such as the wxPython compatability library, which allows wxPython UIs (ie that work on Windows - native - and Linux using wxGTK or similar) to work on the 6600!.

Other modules cover features such as bluetooth, which allow for tools like these GPS utilities

There is also a py2sis tool (part of the SDK?) which apparently allows easy SIS creation from a python script (to create a stand-alone application - I guess it will still require the python install though).

There is also some kind of python-for-series60 emulator

On the perl side, a basic perl port is available, but no additional modules as with the python release.

Finally, who knows, I could have posted this from my phone, using pyBlogger

Phew, 8 tabs I can close …

Anyone have any good ideas for geeky new years resolutions?
I.E. - I promise to keep up to date with documentation this coming year….

Heh - Good news for anyone wanting to delay their resolutions for as long as possible - New Year Delayed…

Seems like those clever people at fs-driver have written a neat little app to allow both read and write access to linux ext2 files systems.
Immediately you can see the advantage for those people who run dual operating systems on their machines.
It looks like it works by installing some sort of kernel module to allow windows to use the ext2 file system. By mounting the file systems with drive letters, this allows all applications to be able to see the files and directories natively, resulting in no need to convert from one to the other. I am always sceptical of applications/tools like this and would be interested to see how reliable this software is.
Check the link for more details and download.

Ok. The blog is up and it is now time to make it look decent. There are two ways of achieving this goal.

1 - Save ourselves the hard work and pillage someone else’s theme….
2 - Get the more creative amongst us to spend lots of time building fancy style sheets and then probably just criticize it anyway….

Here is a page of themes to get started with, but there are practically millions.
Here is a pretty good theme link for consideration.

Let the theme wars begin…

There are some 9/11 videos on saturn.


We’ve been considering having a blog for a while, and after a bit of browsing around (and even some pondering on writing our own), we decided on Wordpress. So … as usual, anything I install must have a package, so this installation is running off an initial package of Wordpress, and I hope to upload to cooker contrib once I’ve done the last few bits to make it comply with the Web apps policy.

The next question, of course, is whether - and how, to package themes and plugins for wordpress.