There is a new qmail-ldap patch released today - 20060201
There are some minor bug fixes that do not really effect us and there are some feature enhancements. Below is short description from the change log:

    Rewritten forwarding code in auth_pop and auth_imap. The copyloop is now
    using stdin and stdout for communicating with the client. This should fix
    a problem with ssl encrypted sessions. Additionally write polling was
    implemented. This should give better reaction on slow links.

    ~control/goodmailaddr allows more ways to check if a address is allowed: full match, user & domain match domain only (all users are allowed)
    abuse@ allow specific user for all domains allow addresses like
    will only work if compiled with DASH_EXT same as

    Enhance qmail-verify to check against ~users/cdb and /etc/passwd if local-
    delivery is enabled (like qmail-lspawn does). This makes RCPTCHECK usefull
    in mixed user environments.

    Minor enhancements in qmail-verify error handling.

    Some cleanup in qmail-smtpd mostly log stuff.

    Set RELAYCLIENT everytime we allow relaying because of some reason (SMTP AUTH
    or relaymailfrom). Requested by many so that qmail-scanner can make additional
    decisions based on RELAYCLIENT.

    Just use malloc() instead of the code in alloc.c that code could be exploited
    on 64-Bit systems with a lot of RAM and no limits.

I will build and test the new patch on Ophelia so that we are in time for the change in 2 weeks.