April 2006

After finishing the finance arrangements on Thursday morning, I picked the TDI up on Thursday morning, and added the first 150km to it, before taking this photo (on my 6600) on Friday morning.


So far (with about 400km on the clock), I’m averaging just under 6 l/100km, and I think it should improve a bit once the engine is run (which may be by next week).

For those out-of-the-loop, the TDI is a Golf 5 1.9TDI Comfortline, with the following extras:

  1. 2-zone climate control
  2. Leather seats (includes electrical adjustment and heated seats)
  3. Sunroof
  4. Service plan extension to 100000km (the 60000 km isn’t going to last more than 2 years …)
  5. Foglights
  6. Full-size spare wheel

I had to move the Fox over the weekend, and I almost broke my foot on the clutch pedal!

Now that we have a plethora of blades and workstations, I thought it would be wise to put some support articles up on the blog. The first article that I thought would be handy is the changing of the screen resolution. To do this you need to use the fbconfig tool.

$fbconfig -res /?

This command will show you all of the available resolutions and more importantly, which ones are compatible with screen+card. For the 19″ flat panel monitors, 1280×1024x60 with a color depth of 24bit is the best resolution.

$fbconfig -res 1280x1024x60
$fbconfig -defaultdepth 24

To get help using fbconfig, run:

$fbconfig -help