Ok, so this is another one of those days where I have too many browser tabs open, and I don’t feel like bookmarking them all … or deciding which ones not to bookmark, so I’ll just burden everyone with these links.

Firstly, nokia seems to be quite interested in python, and seems to have made python available for the series60, with both an sdk, and a normal installable .sis.

There is also a wiki with quite a bit of info on the topic.

Nokia has provided additional python modules to access series60-specific features, which has allowed other developers to contribute some interesting tools, such as the wxPython compatability library, which allows wxPython UIs (ie that work on Windows - native - and Linux using wxGTK or similar) to work on the 6600!.

Other modules cover features such as bluetooth, which allow for tools like these GPS utilities

There is also a py2sis tool (part of the SDK?) which apparently allows easy SIS creation from a python script (to create a stand-alone application - I guess it will still require the python install though).

There is also some kind of python-for-series60 emulator

On the perl side, a basic perl port is available, but no additional modules as with the python release.

Finally, who knows, I could have posted this from my phone, using pyBlogger

Phew, 8 tabs I can close …