Here are some pics that I recently scanned with my new canoscan.

Scotland Landscape:

Winter in Scotland:
Scottish Winter1
Scottish Winter2

South African Wildlife:

After a hell of a long wait, I am finally getting my new toy. The CanoScan 9950F Here is a review.
Time to now start scanning all my 35mm & 6×4.5 Slides and negatives and post to the gallery….

As reported on slashdot today, this press release from Nikon does not bode well for the future of 35mm film.

It seems that simplicity and cost has got the better over quality again, and Nikon are only responding to market demands. I personally feel that digital SLRs are a long way from matching the quality on a cost basis with 35mm SLRs. Only really when true 35mm CCDs are available at a reasonable price, digital will be able to offer anything close to the quality of film.

It will still be some time before any digital camera matches my Bronica ersi with fuji velvia film…